How We Assist Schools

Simulation is a proven and tested method for learning, improving, and retaining knowledge and skills in academic and/or performance fields. Our most demanding professions rely on simulation to refine skills and test proficiency. Whether it is an astronaut in space, a doctor in the operating room, or a soldier on the battlefield you can bet that they have performed their tasks in a simulated environment before attempting it under actual conditions.

Challenger Center of Kentucky

Now with the Challenger Learning Center’s unique programs, teachers have the capability to use simulations with their students to teach and perfect those critical academic skills as well as motivate those students in the classroom. Most teachers will tell you that motivation, or a lack thereof, is a major factor in determining academic success in the classroom. Challenger Learning Center programs are an excellent resource for teachers to use in their classroom to motivate and inspire their students to learn the science, mathematics, technology, and language skills that prepares them for their Challenger experience. The interactive, hands on pre and post event curriculum materials, which are aligned with KY’s science and math standards, are exciting, motivating, and educational. Since students are convinced that their knowledge and actions determine the success or failure of the mission they are eager to learn the skills that will be needed to be successful. And, unlike most programs, the students are then challenged, under simulated conditions, to apply what they have learned in the classroom.

Benefits to participating in Challenger Programs:

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