College Prep Workshops

The Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky is now offering College Prep workshops to help students work towards a successful college education! These workshops are single day programs designed to give students insight into potential careers and to help prepare for the transition of moving beyond High School.

Each course is designed to help you with what you need to feel ready – we look forward to addressing your problems and answering your questions! It’s time to take your education into your own hands!

Students who are entering or currently enrolled in high school may register for these workshops and join us as we get hands on with various careers and explore topics that will help you further your education the way you want to.

All workshops begin at 10 a.m. & end at 3 p.m. Lunch will be provided. We recommend comfortable shoes and clothing.

Workshop Fees

Thanks to our sponsors and ongoing community support, the Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky is able to offer these workshops at a discounted rate.

$20 Per Participant ($10 deposit required)

Thank you to our sponsors and community leaders for the continued support that allows us to develop and offer these programs every year.

College Prep Workshop Brochure

Electrical Inventions

June 16 & July 10

Are you considering a career in Electronics? Do you like to take apart electronics and other gadgets just to see the circuits on the inside? Have you ever been curious about what all the little components are? This program will teach you the basics of electrical circuits and how to turn a pile of pieces into a working device. Come build your very own electrical invention!

Social Tech

July 1

The world is getting more complicated! It’s harder than ever to stay safe in a cyber-world. Have you ever wondered if a smartphone can be hacked? Did you have to stop reading this halfway through to check your Facebook? This program is for you! In this introductory course to technology and social media we take a look at viruses, hacking and what you need to know to keep you (and your selfies) safe! No experience required.

Sequential Art

July 15

The “Sequential-Art Workshop” is coming to the Challenger Learning Center for the first time this summer! Award winning cartoonist, author, and illustrator Christopher Epling ( will lead participants through the process of what it takes to see their work published; from writing and concept, to craft and production. If you are interested in creating your own comic-strip, comic book, illustrated story, or graphic novel as well as improving creative writing for college courses, you won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity!

ACT Now!

July 24

Are you looking to improve your scores on one of the most important tests of your life? Want to know how to be a better test taker, how to study effectively or why you shouldn’t eat a turkey sandwich before taking the ACT? Come spend the day with Science, Technology, Engineering & Math professionals who will walk you through each section while explaining what you need to know and your best strategies for walking away with a great score!