Kentucky Space Movie Project

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The Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky annually hosts the Kentucky Space Movie Project where teams of Kentucky students are invited to produce a short documentary film on a selected space science topic. It is a student's chance to get out of the classroom and transcend the bounds of traditional textbooks, lectures and study. It is time to work hard having fun with friends to research, plan, create and show what they can do.

The CLC of KY partners with Dataseam of Kentucky and Hazard Community and Technical College, to organize the event. In 2013 a total of thirteen movies were submitted for judging. Teams consist of one coach and 4 – 5 team members. They research a space science topic, write the script, direct, act in, and edit their 6-minute space documentary (plus up to 4 minutes of credits, references and misc. material). Teams can use resources from the Dataseam website, online information provided by NASA and contact local and world-wide experts to gain additional knowledge and understanding of their topic. The teams upload their finished product to the Dataseam website for judging. 

Judges determine space science authenticity and depth of knowledge of their subject as well as how well teams used video, sound and editing to convey their story and make their point. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes are awarded. The movies can be viewed at