Summer Programs

The Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky offers a wide range of fun and exciting summer enrichment programs in May, June & July designed to spark imaginative learning. These enrichment programs or “camps” teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a totally hands-on manner where students are out of the classroom and on their feet having fun and learning. Topics range from basic engineering using Legos, space science, environmental issues, spy technology, rocket technology, and doing fun science experiments. 

Students, ages 5-16, are engaged in a series of fun hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Our programs are led by highly-trained and enthusiastic Mad Scientists on a mission to get kids excited about science and how it affects the world around them.

All programs begin at 10 a.m. & end at 3 p.m. Lunch will be provided. We recommend comfortable shoes and clothing.

Camp Fees

Thanks to our summer camp sponsors, the Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky will once again offer our summer camp programs at a discounted rate.

All single day camps are $25 - a $10 deposit is required with registration. Two day programs are $50.

Interested in registering for our programs? Use the link below to sign up online!

Click Here or click the image above to download our 2018 Summer Camp Brochure and Registration Form!

Astronaut for a Day

May 29 / July 27 • AGES: 5-10

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut in space? What do they eat and how do they eat it? What do they do for fun? Where do they sleep?

To find out, come to our Astronaut for a Day camp! You'll have fun learning all about living, working, and playing in space!

Mars Invasion

July 11 • AGES: 8-11

Do you have what it takes to be the first astronauts on Mars? What connects space exploration to coal mining? Come to see if you can invade Mars in our Mars Invasion Museum!

Rendezvous with a Comet

July 9 • AGES: 10-13

What does it take to be an astronaut? Could you navigate the space station? Could you construct a probe? What goes into a NASA mission? Come answer these questions during a Challenger Comet Mission.

Wild In Your Backyard

June 6 / July 18 • AGES: 5-9

Where does your water go? Does camouflage protect just people? How many insects does your favorite bird eat? Does trash matter?

Come to camp to find answers to these and many other questions about things that are "Wild In Your Backyward"!

LEGO Creations

June 5 / July 19 • AGES: 6-10

Are you a hands-on builder, a designer, or maybe a future engineer and are looking for some fun this summer? LEGO Creations is a full day of fun, creativity and imagination. What do you think you can build?

LEGO BattleBots

June 12 / July 30 • AGES: 10-14

Let the 'Battle of the Bots' begin! using LEGO EV3 kits, campers will design and build their robot to duke it out in our battle bots arena. Campers will learn important engineering design principles as the work to create and improve their design. Can YOU make the best bot of them all?

LEGOs in Motion

July 10 • AGES: 7-10

Shake things up with the science of movement in this fun camp! Design an earthquake simulator and see what it takes for structures to withstand earthquakes; then design, build, and program your own LEGO robot to complete different tasks.

Short Circuits

June 25 • AGES: 9-14

Learn what makes electronics work for you as you make electronic gadgets of your own! This camp will show you how circuits work and how electronics we use every day are made. You’ll end the day by making your own electronic device.

Tinker with Tynker

June 20 • AGES: 8-10

Tynker is an award-winning program designed to help kids learn coding and app design in a fun, easy-to-udnerstand way.

Learn how to code your own game app, then let your creativity run wild as you design whatever you can think of!

Advanced Tynker

June 21 • AGES: 9-12

Take Tynker to the next level! Add sound and additional levels, make things more challenging, learn different ways to control your character, and more.

*Campers must have Tynker experience or participate in the "Tinker with Tynker" course to enroll.

Bug in the Program!

June 19 • AGES: 7-10

How would you like to design your own video game? How about getting a princess to her castle while being chased by a dragon? You can be as creative as you want and hopefully you won't hear, "Bug in the Program"!


June 27 • AGES: 8-12

The published, award-winning cartoonist, author, and illustrator Christopher Epling returns to guide campers through the process of writing, sharing, and creating your very own comic strip, book, or illustrated story!(

Sequential Art Workshop

June 28 • AGES: 8-12

Renowned author and illustrator Christopher Epling guides campers through the process of sequential art that is used to create comics and animations. Perfect for art and comic book lovers or campers who enjoyed the Cartooning Workshop.(

Challenger Spy Academy

July 12 • AGES: 7-10

Attention secret agents! A mad scientist is on the loose and we need your help to bring him to justice. You will be trained in the use of our latest spy gadgets, including night vision goggles and classified spy techniques! This mission is critical!

Blitz of Bubbles!

May 31 / July 6 • AGES: 5-8

Do you think it may be possible to stand inside of a giant bubble? How about making a bubble of different shapes, can it be done? Learn why bubbles have their own colors and why they are round. There will be bubbles, bubbles, everywhere.