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Challenger Station

The Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky provides a first class, space-based learning environment where schoolchildren, families, senior citizens, corporate teams and other community members “fly” simulated space missions. The CLCKY features a Mission Control Center modeled after the one at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, a Transporter/Space Shuttle, and a Spacecraft/Space Station simulator where experiments are performed and probes are assembled and “launched” into the depths of outer space.

We work closely with area schools in various outreach programs, having spent hundreds of hours in classrooms across the region providing hands-on lessons with computer programming, engineering, robotics, and more. 2018 also marks the 7th annual Regional Qualifying Tournament for FIRST Lego League hosted by Challenger. This is a worldwide robotics competition promoting critical thinking, teamwork, and strong community values. The tournament is held each year at East Perry Elementary School. The 2018 competition season is "Into Orbit" and is themed on space science and exploration, with full challenge details releasing later this year.

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